Finding Home
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During the Finding Home™ Afghan seniors dialogues, hosted by Immigrant Services Society of BC, participants explored the changing role of elders in their community, shared experiences respect versus disrespect, and generated solutions for addressing these challenges. Following the Finding Home™ Afghan seniors dialogues on Elder Financial Abuse, the dialogue participants worked with puppet theatre artist Tamara Unroe and have created a remarkable show on the dynamics of elder financial and related abuse in their own communities. Early this year, they will be presenting at Voices of Burnaby Seniors, a BCACRN forum and at our project celebration and closing event.

Afghan Seniors Make Puppets

Afghan Seniors Make Puppets

Afghan seniors practice their puppet show on Elder Financial AbuseDSCN2896_305
Afghan seniors practice their puppet show on Elder Financial Abuse

Download Posters HERE.

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24 Responses to “Afghan Puppet Show on Elder Financial Abuse”
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